Domestic Relationship


DHL products are recommended by eminent doctors across the country as they are backed up by clinical studies. DHL products are rated as trusted products by these doctors for their patients to use.


Dalmia Healthcare products are used by all age groups particularly persons/children with mental deficiency and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD), DHL products also cater for the niche therapeutic segment that includes chronic diseases like Asthma, Arthritis and Diabetes etc. The customer care cell of DHL has a regular system of taking the feedback from the users of the product from time to time.


DHL has developed a long-lasting relationship over the years with its channel partners and distributors, and supports them to strengthen their reach to the newer market places.

International Relationship


Dalmia Healthcare Limited has its presence in the international market with its clinically proven range of products. This further establishes efficacy and safety of our products that are widely acceptable and comply with the international standards. DHL is currently exporting its products to Eastern European Countries and has developed a strong bonding with overseas business associates over the years. Dalmia Healthcare is aiming to expand the reach of its products to many other countries in near future.